Native Checker

We, FINEX Co., Ltd. are now seeking part-timer for the positions below.

Native English checker (Proofreading)

Check the English articles which our Japanese or bilingual staff write,
then correct words or phrases which are not natural nor appropriate.
It’s going to be the final proofreading, so careful and delicate attention is needed.

If you are also interested in the job of translation(from Japanese into English),
please check this form


  • Must be a native English speaker, living in Japan
  • Persons who are interested in Japanese culture, history and customs

Type of Position

  • Freelance (no need to come to the office frequently

Recruiting Process

  1. Fill in the form and send it to us
  2. Interviewing (we may ask you to come to our office)
  3. Formal registration
  4. Start working (keep in mind that the workload varies)

How to Register

First, please fill in this form. Our staff in charge of recruiting will answer by return email.


FINEX Co., Ltd. publishes “att.JAPAN,”
a free-magazine for foreign visitors to Japan, written both in English and Traditional Chinese.
On “Web att.JAPAN” we post the same information with a few bits we can’t fit in the print version of the magazine – further translated into Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.
FINEX also produces the brochures, websites and email magazines of several prominent companies as well as providing a wide range of translation services in numerous fields.
Development wise we know no limits.

What is “att.JAPAN”?

“att.JAPAN” is a magazine first published in April, 2001.
At the time focusing predominantly on the area in and around Tokyo,
2003 saw us expand our horizons and we now cover all over Japan. 2003 also saw Chinese added to the mix.
Today, att.JAPAN is read in cities all over Japan and at an increasing number of locations beyond Japanese shores; becoming more and more popular with those who share with our own staff – a deep seated interest in and desire to learn more about Japan.




  • 当該言語のネイティブスピーカー(母語話者)であること
  • 日本文化、慣習についての知識を保持していること、また積極的に学ぶ姿勢を持っていること


  • フリーランス(自宅対応可能)


  • フォームよりご登録
  • 弊社よりご連絡、レベルチェックのお知らせ(翻訳レベルを確認するためのテストです)
  • レベルチェック実施
  • 面接(遠方の方は別途方法を考えます)
  • 正式登録
  • お仕事開始(仕事発注の頻度は個人差があり、レベルや得意分野などに応じて発注いたします)